A call to action by our Davis Community including a petition for UCD to “step up” on on-campus housing

16) A call to action by our community to the City and UCD, sign our petition, join our citizens group, write a letter, and ask your Davis friends and neighbors to do the same to help protect the future of Davis

Davis needs to take action now to demand significantly more on-campus housing by UCD. The City is formed a UCD – LRDP City Council subcommittee comprised of Mayor Robb Davis and Councilmember Rochelle Swanson to address UCD LRDP planning issues that would affect Davis, including the lack of on- campus housing. The City is also forming a committee of two City Council members to with work UCD on other issues not necessarily related to the UCD LRDP, including issues such as the shared fire department services.

Because our citizens group has been working on this issue formally for almost a year, and due to past experience participating in Davis General Plan issues, the 2008 General Plan Update Housing Element Steering Committee, and Planning Commission issues regarding this deficit of on-campus housing for decades, we have composed a petition making clear the housing objectives that UCD needs to accomplish — and which other UC’s and CSU’s have already accomplished. After all, if UCD wishes to truly be a “good neighbor” to our community and practice sustainable planning, it begins with accomplishing what other California universities already have done by building the needed on-campus housing now.

Your help is needed by please signing the petition online on our website at ???citizensplanningdavis.org.??? We ask that you provide your name, address, and contact information including email so we can keep you posted on this critical issue. It would help greatly to also provide your phone number, and please understand that none of this information will be shared with the public. We will provide the names, addresses, and emails (unless you prefer we withhold your email) only to the City Council because they would expect to contact you for follow up on this issue by email). We need your email to keep you posted, but again we will not publish, or share the email list.

Please help by passing the word because the UCD LRDP process is moving along and the University will present a more finalized plan soon, which would then move forward for an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the UCD LRDP update.

Your help will be needed within weeks (possibly as early as November through January) to submit questions for the “scoping period” of the EIR to which the UCD LRDP is subject. Submitting your scoping comments and concerns will help ensure that the EIR addresses the lack of sufficient on-campus student housing and the resulting impacts on the UCD students, our community and neighboring communities.   Raising the issue of the need for building more housing on on-campus for additional high density that will meet the needs of UCD and the City.   Because UCD has been reluctant to provide sufficient housing for almost three decades, we anticipate needing everyone’s help to give plenty of input to UCD’s planning department as well as Interim Chancellor Ralph Hexter, UC President Napolitano and the Regents, our State Legislators, and our City Council and City Staff to make sure that the UC system provides the needed on-campus student housing, thereby putting an end to the long-term opportunistic relationship that UCD has long had with our City. UCD has deferred far too much of its student housing needs on our community for far too long, which in turn has been imposing costs and impacts like traffic, parking, mini-dorms and now enormous apartment complexes being shoe-horned into our neighborhoods. Our community must not wind up subsidizing the cost of UCD housing needs into our City and the additional burden placed on our infrastructure including our water, wastewater treatment, and City services, rather than this student housing being appropriately located on UCD land using their infrastructure and services and to reduce the commuting needs of the students.  UCD has the ability to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the Davis area by building the backlog of needed on-campus housing for the UCD students. Since UCD claims to embrace green, sustainable planning, they need to practice it.

Our community needs to take action now, to help preserve our neighborhoods and to protect the future of Davis. UCD needs to step up like other UC’s are and catch-up with the backlog of providing adequate on-campus housing since it has plenty of land with its 5,300 acres and plenty of resources with its more than $1-Billion-dollar endowment fund. This planning must happen now with the current UCD LRDP update or UCD will continue to defer its enormous and increasing housing needs onto our City which is unfair to UCD students who need the on-campus housing, while also costing Davis residents and diminishing the rental housing availability needed by our workforce and families.

To help with this community effort we ask that you join our Citizens for Responsible Planning group, write letters to the editor advocating for much more UCD on-campus student housing and to sign the petition, and to UCD (see email addresses below). Also please pass the word to help gather the on-line signatures, and including Davis friends and family. For more information, please contact citizens@dcn.org or call (530) 756-5165.

17) Important Contact information:

Citizens for Responsible Planning = citizens@dcn.org (530) 756-5165

Davis Enterprise = newsroom@davisenterprise.net (be certain to include your name, address and phone number or they will not print your letter).

Davis City Council = citycouncil@cityofdavis.org  (note: includes City Staff in planning and the City Manager)

Interim Chancellor Ralph Hexter = chancellor@ucdavis.edu

UCD Assistant Vice Chancellor, Campus Planning and Community Resources

Bob Segar = rbsegar@ucdavis.edu

UC President Napolitano = President@ucop.edu and advocacy@ucop.edu

UC Regents = regentsoffice@ucop.edu  (Governor Jerry Brown is on the Board of Regents)

The following Legislators are out our local representatives and others who have been involved in state education committees involving the UC issues.

Assemblyman Bill Dodd  assemblymember.dodd@assembly.ca.gov

Assemblyman Kevin McCarthy   assemblymember.mccarty@assembly.ca.gov

Assemblyman Jose Medina   assemblymember.medina@assembly.ca.gov

Senator Lois Wolk   senator.wolk@senate.ca.gov

Senator Marty Block   senator.block@senate.ca.gov

Senator Leon de Leon  senator.deleon@senate.ca.gov