Citizens for Responsible Planning: Overview on the “UCD 2020 Initiative” and its impacts on the City of Davis regarding UCD’s lack of on-campus housing

UCD’s needs to provide more student housing


  1. Our concerns regarding the lack of UCD on-campus housing and its growing impacts on Davis
  2. Our City’s General Plan update policies brought attention to the UCD on-campus housing deficiency with additional policies in 2008
  3. UC Systemwide knew about their impending increase for on-campus housing needs since 2002, yet did not take action
  4. Costs to our community due to UCD’s negligence to build promised on-campus housing for its own growth

UCD’s 2020 Initiative plan for accelerated student population growth

  1. Impacts on our community from UCD wanting to add 4,500 international and out-of-state students by 2020 for revenue
  2. UCD’s Overly Ambitious “2020 Initiative for a UCD Campus for the 21stCentury” Growth Plan Has Worsened the Shortage of Student Housing
  3. Other consequences of UCD’s 2020 Initiative, UCD has the highest cheating rate nationwide in recent report 
  4. UCD exacerbates the on-campus housing shortage by significantly increasing its student population
  5. UCD can dial back its 2020 Initiative at any time, and should do so now

UCD’s poor planning impacts Davis

  1. UCD’s negligence is causing growth pressures that force Davis to exceed its “fair share” of regional housing development, thereby inviting more accelerated growth for Davis
  2. UCD’s LRDP update process announced in Fall 2015 and the on-campus housing numbers “shell game”
  3. UCD preaches, but does not practice “sustainable planning” to build high density on-campus housing, and the consequences of “maxi-dorm” proposals in our community
  4. UCD’s resources and how it has been prioritizing their spending

Solutions on how and where UCD can provide far more on-campus housing

  1. What can be done to remedy UCD’s on-campus student housing deficit and how have other universities solved this problem? Plus, UCD has plenty of good locations for more on-campus housing
  2. UCD needs to build on-campus housing as other California universities are currently accomplishing

A call to action by our Davis Community including a petition for UCD to “step up” on on-campus housing

  1. A call to action by our community to the City and UCD, sign our petition, join our citizens group, write a letter, and ask your Davis friends and neighbors to do the same to help protect the future of Davis
  2. Important contact information